Past events

Signal Management and EVDAS/EUDAMED – What, when, why and how?

German Pharmacovigilance Day 2018 (20 June 2018, Frankfurt am Main): The big changes in the European Pharmacovigilance and Vigilance

German Pharmacovigilance Day 2017 (4 May 2017, Frankfurt am Main): PV and Vigilance duties and challenges in the practice: What are and might be the typical problems and how to (re)act?

German Pharmacovigilance Day 2016 (14 April 2016, Berlin): EU-Challenges in Pharmacovigilance/Vigilance: “Hot Topics in 2016”

German Pharmacovigilance Day 2015 (2 June 2015, Frankfurt am Main): Hot topics in Pharmacovigilance

German Pharmacovigilance Day 2014 (2 April 2014, Munich): Designing an efficient Pharmacovigilance System: Integrating electronic systems to achieve an effective Safety System

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